A Guide To Organising A Corporate Event

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Organising a corporate event can be a stressful and painstaking task for any individual. From finding the right venue to choosing the right entertainment, every single detail is just as important as the rest. So to take some weight off your shoulders, here’s a guide to get you started on your agenda.

Event management calender

The very first thing you should do is to create or utilise an event management calendar to write down everything you need to consider for the event. Details of your vendors and suppliers. Deadline of when things need to be done and by whom. Start with the event date and work backwards to help you determine when certain things needs to be completed by. Take into consideration the time required for each process and allow for extra time as things don’t always go to plan.

Determine the purpose of the event

Ask yourself what the event is all about. Is it a product launch, a team building, a silver jubilee? Will it be a black-tie event? Knowing the purpose of the occasion will help guide you in determining your next step into organising this corporate event.

Date and Time

Booking your venue and entertainment can be a drag when you don’t have a concluded date and time. On top of that, assuring an attendance from your guests can be a difficult task if you don’t have any concrete details to provide to them. Having a specific date and time not only eases your mind into having a specific deadline for your event, but also helps those who have to adjust their schedule to suit your needs.

Rough Estimate

After determining the purpose of your event and having concluded its date and time, it is now important to have an idea how the event is going to be. Is it a big event or a small intimate event between colleagues? Whichever it is, your follow-up decisions including your venue and choice of entertainment should also depend on the answer.

Theme and Style

After figuring out how many guests you are going to have and how big or small the event is, it is now time to determine your event specifics. Mainly, what kind of an event is it going to be? Is it a product launch, a team-building exercise or a company celebration? These information will help you establish the ambiance of your event and capture the theme you are going for.


Just like the theme and style, it is also important to consider the kind of venue you are looking to have for your corporate event. Depending on your previous answers, you can opt for an open-air space or a confined ballroom and maybe, even an open gallery. It all falls down to the kind of event you are looking to execute.


Just like the venue, it is important to know what kind of food, drinks and service you are looking to have for your event. Will it be a buffet, a canapé, or a five-course meal? How about the drinks? Will it be by the bar or on every table? Likewise, what will the food selection be like? Will there be options for those with a limited diet? Consider these points when deciding. Add vegetarian and vegan options as well on top of the rest in order to avoid singling anyone out. Carefully weigh your options and estimate the portion you think will be enough for everyone including your staff on the said event and add at least a quarter of that to avoid running out.


Your equipment depends solely on the type of event you are planning. From hiring an AV to tables and chairs, finding out the limitation of your venue and what you might have to provide will help fill what you might need for your event. For starters, if it is a product launch, will you need an AV for your presentation or is one already provided by your venue? Likewise, will your entertainment require speakers and amplifiers? How about tables and chairs? Are these provided by your venue or is it something you have to add on top? From there, you can write down a list of equipment you might need for your corporate event.

Prizes, Giveaways and Merchandises

A corporate event is never complete without merchandise or prizes to be won. Be it a small internal company celebration or a big product launch with clients, prizes, giveaways and merchandise are always present. A small event may just require a simple giveaway contest or a raffle contest together with a merchandise as a token of appreciation while a prestigious event can even begin before the said celebration with announcements lined up on the day of the event itself. Of course, you have to figure out what kind of prize, giveaway or merchandise it will be. Is it going to be cash or a gift card? Will there be a product from your organisation or a goodie bag? Or big prizes like flight tickets or an all-expense paid trip? The lavishness of these are all up to your discretion and how big your event is.

Marketing Collaterals

Depending on the purpose of the event, you may require or want to have marketing collaterals be it a company brochure, product brochure or some promotional flyer you want to hand out to your guests. You’ll want to make sure you have artwork design and printing done well in advance of the event.

Presentation and Music

Start off by determining the kind of event you will be organising. Determine whether the event will need a proper presentation and a Masters of Ceremony. Perhaps, you will require music to create an ambiance throughout the entire period. Whichever it is, figure out what would work well in your event and apply the necessary changes. Are slides necessary to present the main focus of your event? Will music help keep your guests at ease? These little things define the mood of the event and how it can go from there.


Just like music and presentation, an entertainment may or may not be due in a corporate event. It is wise to be careful in choosing the kind of entertainment you would like to showcase as doing so may deter the purpose of your event instead of pushing for it. Link your entertainment to the end goal of the occasion. Is it a celebration? Will a performer be required on stage? If so, what kind of performer? Will it be a singer, a pianist, a band, an orchestra? Maybe, you would opt for something like a chef performing his culinary skills in front of the guests while they dine and eat the course? The main thing is to remember that entertainments are there mainly to entertain, and such a display should not disregard the main focus of your corporate event.

Guest List

It is important to know details about your guests from their meal preference to their preferred company as well as their contact information among others. Knowing these details can help you plan ahead in terms of the catering service you would hire to the seating arrangement you should organise if needed.


Nowadays, there are many ways to plan and design an invitation. From mailing lists to a personal post mail, you have a number of ways to send out your invitation to your guests. It could be via email or social media and even as big as a TV or radio advertisement. The main goal is to reach your target audience and guests in order to make sure that they will be available for the arranged event. Press releases are also a great way of spreading the news. Whichever it is, there are many ways to send out your invitation as well as choose the aesthetic or nature of it. The important part is having an ample amount of time to let your guests prepare themselves and adjust their schedule accordingly. Be sure to have a way for them to RSVP and give yourself ample time to chase up those who may have forgotten.


Transportation can be tricky for a corporate event. Figuring out the venue and how to get there can be stressful for your guests. Help them by providing every possible detail as to how to get there and be sure to provide them a number of options.
If they have their own mode of transportation, provide a direction which they can follow to avoid getting lost in the middle of the ride. If they are opting to take public transportation, advise them the best possible way to get to the destination.
Likewise, if you want a stress-free travel for your guests, you may consider booking a corporate bus charter or coach hire in Sydney. A large group may benefit from the ease of travel and you will no longer have to worry when they will be expected to arrive.

A Sydney coach hire is also the best option if you want flexibility on your schedule and a trusted service to provide your guests the optimum travel experience.

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Overall, it is important to stay on top of your timetable. A corporate event is a big undertaking so make sure that you delegate. Find the right people who will be willing to help you and ease your worries. From catering service and entertainment to transportation, a reliable and trustworthy partnership is warranted for a corporate event to be successful.

Finally, breathe! Stay on top of your game, but make sure to smile and make the most of it!