Turn your next corporate event into an epic staff party

Looking for inspiration on how to transform your next corporate event into an epic staff party?

Are you having a melt down about all the planning and preparation involved in doing so?

Your solution is here!

The team at Party Bus know the value of regular staff parties. Improving team spirit and getting to know colleagues on a social level are some of the many things to gain from a staff party.

A staff party is not generally known for being spectacular.

Managers don’t have the time to plan an all-out epic party, so a few drinks in the office with the team is often all you can expect. Staff are not drawn to the idea of spending even more time at work and as a result, become less and less likely to attend

It’s time for a change in mind set for your epic staff party

Party Bus can arrange an epic staff party on your behalf.

Simply make the call, answer a few questions and you’re on your way to planning a staff party that will blow your staff’s low expectations out of the water! From preparation to clean-up, Party Bus have got it covered.


How to prepare now for your next epic staff party

Parties look vastly different these days compared to what they used to. For many of us still stuck in the dark ages, the thought of hosting a party conjures up images of club sandwiches and party savouries, and the poor person who will have to bend over backwards decorating the venue. And then there’s the clean-up, need we say more?

Put your party preparation skills into the things that really matter to your staff because when you book with Party Bus the boring stuff is taken care of.

All you need to do is let our team know what kind of event you would like to have and how many people you expect to attend. Once that phone call has been made, you can put a big tick next to your staff party preparation ‘to-do’ list.


Get your team really excited about their next staff party

We tend to hold back from making a song and dance about staff functions, especially if our track record isn’t so great.

By choosing not to make a fuss of it, we save ourselves the embarrassment if the party we had planned is a flop.

Bragging rights come as part and parcel with Party Bus bookings. You can freely build the expectations of your staff because you can rest assured that this event will be unforgettable by everyone.

Make a big deal of your upcoming event and get your team excited.

By talking about it often, you will boost the interest of your staff, even if they just want to see if you’ll follow through.